Cai Draper is a poet from South London who lives in Norwich.

His poems have appeared in Anthropocene, bath magg, PERVERSE, Tentacular, Lighthouse and elsewhere. He is poet in residence at the Book Hive where he founded and organises New Tricks poetry workshops and curates their Potluck Poetry packs. With Assembly House, he organises and hosts the international poetry reading series. In 2018 he completed an MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) at UEA, and he currently works in the university’s Outreach department with local secondary school students.


  • Review of Tenter (Guillemot Press) by Susie Campbell & Rose Ferraby in SPAM
    (January 2021)
  • Two poems in Anthropocene
    (December 2020)
  • Three poems in Babel Tower Notice Board
    (December 2020)
  • One poem in Spoonfeed X New Writing
    (December 2020)
  • One poem in Porridge Magazine
    (October 2020)
  • Two poems in Erotoplasty #7
    (September 2020)
  • One poem in bath magg
    (August 2020)
  • Review of Eugene Ostashevsky’s The Feeling Sonnets in SPAM
    (August 2020)
  • One poem in The 192
    (August 2020)
  • One poem in Unlost Journal
    (August 2020)
  • One poem in PERVERSE #4
    (August 2020)
  • One poem in Spoonfeed #1
    (August 2020)
  • Three poems in Tentacular
    (July 2020)
  • One poem in Tenebrae IV
    (Fathomsun Press, July 2020)
  • Two poems in –algia #2
    (July 2020)
  • Three poems in Spontaneous Poetics
    (July 2020)
  • One hybrid piece in Lammergeier
    (June 2020)
  • One poem in Lighthouse #20
    (Gatehouse Press, January 2020)
  • Two poems in Leslie Magazine #1
    (December 2019)
  • Two poems in Alter Egos
    (Bad Betty Press, August 2019)
  • One poem in The Ekphrastic Review
    (August 2019)
  • Projects.

    International Poetry Readings with Assembly Online.
    In collaboration with Assembly House, I organise and host a series of online poetry readings. Featuring writers from all over the world, from New Zealand to Trinidad to the USA to Switzerland to the Philippines, more established names such as Rachel Long, Andre Bagoo and avery r. young have read alongside emerging voices like Gboyega Odubanjo and Pratyusha. The next event will be on February 18th, featuring Rebecca Perry, Cassandra Troyan and others. Click here for more information.

    New Tricks.
    In collaboration with the Book Hive, New Tricks is a series of free, informal poetry workshops based on the interests of each facilitator. Previous session topics have included Rhyme (which I facilitated), Sonnets (with Ashley Hickson-Lovence), Byte-Sized Poetry (with Alice Willitts) and Gertrude Stein (with Anna Cathenka). Get in touch for more information.

    Potluck Poetry.
    Again with the Book Hive, this project aims to connect readers with new poetry. Punters don’t know what book they’ve ordered until it arrives at their door, but the newly-published collections will have been selected to reflect the incredible poetry that is currently being published in the UK and further afield. 10% of each sale goes to Normal Lamb’s Mental Health Wellbeing Fund. Click here for more information.

    If you would like to get in touch, or want more information about anything on this site, click here.